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    2.   Suzhou Surpon Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a high-quality supplier committed to power distribution and industrialautomation control. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in thedevelopment of complete series and high-level signal isolators, isolatedbarriers, power transducers, intelligent digital display meters, powermonitoring meters and other products.

      The company has accumulatedrich experience in reliable electric energy measurement technology, specialintegrated circuit design, application and development of high-performance MCU,A/D conversion technology, harmonic measurement technology, variouscommunication technologies, high reliability and long-life design of softwareand hardware, etc.

      Surpon has long provided userswith advanced technology and high-quality services. Meet the needs of allaspects of power system and industrial automation control with accurate,reliable and professional advantages. The products are sold all over thecountry and are widely used in many industries such as electric power, petroleum,chemical industry, coal mine, steel, light industrial machinery, papermaking,printing and dyeing, brewing, electronics, textiles, plastics, sewagetreatment, intelligent buildings, aerospace bases, electroplating, solarphotovoltaic power generation, new energy and so on. The products have alsobeen selected by many listed companies and national key projects, and have beenobtained the strong approval.

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